new to this and could use some help!



I just bought a 94 blaster and its 30 over but the motor needs a new crank, rod, piston and crank bairings<-----do they need to be pressed on? and it needs to be honed out so should i just go 40 over and what pipe and jet kit would go with this set up thanks............and is there are any places in IL that have good pricing!
thanks everyone!

Man, you got yourself into quite a job...if it's your first one. Are you planning to do most of this work yourself? Splitting the case is not for the amateur mechanic. The bearings will need to be pressed in, and I'd highly recommend starting fresh with a new bore and piston since you have to do all of the other work anyways. Let me know what of this you plan to do yourself...also, I'm in Texas so I don't have any recommendations for machine work in IL:( GOOD LUCK!
ya I had to get all that work done to my motor too because when it was bought the jug was off it and showed the shattered piston and all the little fragments were lodged in the crank bearings and so we brought to a local mechanic for it to be rebuilt.....and it wasn't cheap either.