new to the board need info



hi all im new to the board i need healp i just baught a 2000 blaster for 500 needed topend rebuilt getting that done at the moment its going 60 over does it ad any power and i noticed this thing has reed spacers n the fmf fatty pipe the guy at the shop said he has done this bike 3 other times within 4 months he told me to check the carb n the crank seal on the left side of the moter i checked the carb took it apart n it was clean here is where i run into my problem the float valve w that metal loop that connects to the float i lost it it poped off n fell between a crack in my cousins garage
i adjusted the float to where i think is right the measurement is right i adjusted the airfuel mixture a little rich because im gonna be useing a vitos piston i just figured a cheaper pistion will save a bit of money how are they