New rear tires on my 1996 and they are too big.


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Aug 12, 2018
I had 21x10x8 rear tires on my blaster. I did some looking and found that 22x11x8 tires would work fine. So I ordered a pair and put them on today. The left is a little tight but fine, the right is touching plastic. Since they are mounted I cannot return them. Should I sell them and find the original size or would a spacer or something work to fix the issue?
Is that a good swingarm? I've looked around comparing prices and that, but I've heard good and bad things about the swingarmshop arms.

Swingarm shop had problems in the past, but they've upped their game since, I even ran one for a season and didn't break it :)
I like +3, when used with +1 a-arms it puts the foot pegs dead center between fr/rr tires
my theory is this geometry allows the bike to pivot evenly
I like +3, but +4 is probably the most popular
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That's good the know about the rear +3 and front +1. I just ordered a set of Alba A-arms. Just need to save up a bit to get the +3 swing arm and rear shorty brake cable :) Also saw a set of Tusk extended rear 450 hubs for 100.. Might do that till I can get a decent extended rear axle..