new guy



im new to this site my name is eric and i just picked up a new 1997 blaster with DG nerf bars, DG grab bar, FMF full pipe, Weisco piston, UNI air filter, holeshots all the way around the only thing wrong with it only one front brake works so i got a new cable for the right brake and they both work good now but the back brake is mest up the cable is broke and it looks like someone took apart the caliper and half of the junk inside is missing so the only thin i need is a back caliper





yepp im a car buff too we got a 69 cutlass with a 455 bored .60 over edelbrock alum heads, harland sharp rockers, torker intake, 770 holley carb

and a 1986 442 g body tore the sh*tty 307 out put a bored .60 olds 350 stock heads new springs and retainers, scorpion rockers, performer rpm intake, 570 holley carb, 8.5 rear with a detriot locker ran a 14.1 was my best in the 1/4 mile

what cars you guys got?
hey! nice blaster --- i have a 1968 Chevelle, and a 69 Mustang GT (and my daily car is a Maserati Spyder, its not a muscle car, but its, it works)