lost of word for whats happening


Mar 26, 2007
hmmm, after 5 mins of riding my blaster transmission oil starts spraying out of the silencer tip like crazy and it also starts smoking then stalls. withen a minute crap starts pouring out of the pipe near the motor?

i have the right amount of transmission fluid in, not too less not too much
has compression
is gettign spark
gas is fresh and premixed
filter is a lil bit dirty but don't think that can cause the problem
i drianed the old trans fluid out and put soem new trans fluid in but it still does it
the seals should be fine
its denfitely trans fluid. i'll take a look at the seals today. hopefully i don't find another problem
There is an overflow line up under the nose piece to. I had tranny fluid come from there once. It went all over my pipe and smoked like hell.
yeah, i have had tranny fluid come out on my pipe b4 from the overflow, and it smoked, so i just moved the overflow line down by my swingarm so if i ever overfilled again, it didn't spit on my pipe and make me smoke

and yeah, dirtyblaster, i bet it is what randelator said.....because it shouldn't be shooting all over the place if it is just overflow..
i replaced the seals started kicking away, 3rd kick it started ran perfect didn't spray at all, rode it for 30 mins no leaks either! yee haw! now i gotta put my studs in for winter!