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ok dont know much about this bike..all I do know is that the plastics are shot and it needs a new piston and crankshaft. does however have and aftermarket carb. Looking to get just $400.. Looked into it $250 to fix..So for $650 u can have a running quad not bad.

Have pictures but having problems resizing. Email me if you want some will keep working oon it though

Must pick up in ny zip code 12524 Call cell for any question 845 797 3090
Ok so i will resize them with that when I get home Thank you very much. And check my other thread about the whole shipping situation.
ahh that blaster looks okish, i noticed that the rear brake is not on right,you could fix the fender by getting a blow torch and try to melt it together but its risky because if you hold it too close you will have a hole in the fenders. does this quad have uni or is it just a sticker? seems to be worth it, whats the name of aftermarket carb in there? did the person who owned it abuse the motor, is the frame in perfect condition? how much rust does this blaster have?
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So no clue if it has uni...It has no bad rust. The motor was not beaten at all...I can get you the name of the carb tues bc it is at a shop that isnt open tomm but it starts with Kei(keihin i think) i think. And I cant put any time into this so as far as the fenders sorry no go..I am only selling for $400 i think that is reasonable..