Key switch elimination



Hello all. My Key switch is going out and my run/ off switch does not work. What is everyone doing to eliminate the key switch??? And have a kill button???
I can't remember all that well since I did it about 5-6 years ago, but I do remember eliminating the key by just taking the two wires and either putting them together, or leaving them apart...pretty easy.. Try both and you'll have your answer. As for the run switch problem, sounds like you might need to just rig an aftermarket push button kill switch so it's always on run and dies when you press it.
I am just wondering what others have done Bo. I know some peeps run the teather cut off or what ever it is called? would this work good as a kill switch ? If not I am gonna put a kill switch on. BTW ty for the info BO
Mine originally didn't have a main key switch when I bought it so I just put on a toggle switch......but its not very good security feature
You can get either the tether style like jet skis have, or just a push button. I'd go with the push button myself like them dudes use in motoX.
yea but neone could just take the key apart so it really doessnt mean anything having a key for your blaster