hp im looking at



well were just wondering what kind of hp were going to be looking at when done... i have ordered a 240cc big bore kit, not one with the headwork already done or anything just oversized..i have a guy that will work the head to full potential and i have ordered a vforce3 reed cage, how much do the performance ignitions help out? it is worth it? and not sure what pipe i will be getting but probbly a used dg or fmf
i feel like with all this it will have mabye 30hp or so and i also think being so much lighter it will still get beat by a new stock 450 but not nearly as bad
also do any of you know about what jet size to move up to?? whats in there stock? i havn't even looked
IMO stay away from DG and FMF for a blaster. even though they are great pipes for other machines. I have had experience with both on a blaster and you will get more for your money with other pipes such as. LRD, CT, Paul Turner, Facotry 7.

your probablly not going to get 30hp at the rear wheel with just thoes mods.

You will need other stuff like.....
port and pollish that cylender once its done.
aftermarket intake, air box, air filter
larger carb

stock hp is 15-18 rear wheel.
Porting is an engine modification where the cylinder's intake and exhaust ports are widened to increase flow into and out of the engine.

And Pollishing is just that. Pollishing thoes ports up after they have been cut, as to make all the surfaces nice and smooth.
yeah i said im having all the head work done. do you have a good guess of what your blaster is at in hp?
i have also seen that someone said the stock main jet is 230 and someone said 155. 155 seems more reasonable, but which one is it?! thanks
do you know the brand the stock carburator is sry im 2 hours form where the bike is and doing all the ordering for this guy is it mikuni or what
if we get an after market carb say a 36 mm, will it fit with the vforce 3 reeds we have ordered? and it will Not fit the stock intake tube? right
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everone on the blaster forum im sorry for playing around with my friend..i promise 2 be a better member..but does anyone know how much hp i will get with a 240 big bore kit.. 36mm carb...vforce 3 reeds...reed spacer..and port n polish and a pipe