How to install clutch plates??



I just baught clutch plates and i am not sure how to install them i took the cover with the springs off but im not sure so please help
I just did mine last week. If you have the springs out already, just slide out the metal disk that holds the springs and the clutch pack as one. Take note of the order that the clutch pack is in. Should be the friction plate first, then a metal drive ring, etc. Make sure to smear the friction plates in gear oil before sliding them back in!!! After the clutch pack is re-installed, reassemble the motor and the rest of the pieces. I dont know the torque specs off the top of my head, but call a dealership to make sure. When its all put together and running, slip the clutch a little to remove excess oil and any trash that might have gotten in there during assembly.

* Thats the directions as per the Tusk clutch package. Good luck, its a learning experience!I:I