How To Easily Remove Grips


Jun 11, 2007
I used this method to take them of bikes way before I ever seen a blaster:)

Using an air compressor with a blow gun attachment, you basically float the grips off. Put the blow gun in the hole at the end of one of the grips. Have a buddy (or your other hand) plug up the hole on the other grip. When you pull the trigger on the blow gun it will balloon the grips and they will want to fly off. You can carefully help them off. If you let one come off the hole to seal on that side will be pretty big. You can blow them both to the ends of the bars that way you still have that tiny hole. Ready to put them back on? Same thing....float them on!
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this is a very nifty tip, but not very practical, i doubt everyone has an air compressor laying around, but another way that helps is a screwdriver, philips head to be exact, just push it under the grip, kinda work around under the whole thing, throw some water in there and BOOF slides right off, and to put them back on, use carb kleaner, it lets them slide on and within 5-10 minutes it glues the grip to the bar
i use the air compressor trick to get them off and on, the screw driver trick ain't such a good idea because it could scratch your handlebars.
my trick is carb and choke cleaner you put the red straw threw the grips a little and spray it they should slide right off, you can also use it to make your grips stick if you do not have glue you sprag some onto the handlebar where the grip will be wipe it off with a rag,then spray the inside of the grips litterally and push it on it will melt onto the handle bars, it will not damage the grips, but if you are going to ride threw rain its reccomended to use grip glue.
i change grips when my girps are super worn and have new ones on hand i get a box cutter cut from throttle to end of bar peel off like a banana.

going on i use a epoxy that lubes and hardens on the bar at the same time.
Girps? Don't know what those are, but that epoxy is some tough adhesive.
I believe you were in a hurry when you were typing your post; it barely makes sense.
small rush was on the computer while at work!

its a little tuff but not to bad.
grips are so inexpensive, not mention they usually have glue on them so I just use a razor blade, but when they are not glued on a blow dryer works wonders.
yeah the only bad thing is when you get shot with the grip!! lol it hurts like hell
i know this sounds bad but WD-40 is amazing at putting on grips, let it sit for like 30 min an hour and there on their good hair spray also works
damn...i hope OSHA dont see this!!! lol

"hold one hand over the hole on one side while blowing on the other hole!!!" lol
I have always cut the old ones off, and to install new ones, I wrap electrical tape around the bar- not real thick, just a quick spiral wrap. Then I get it wet with gas. The gas makes it slippery, the grips slide right on, and the tape gets very sticky because of the gas, so it stays tacky and holds the grips in place.
I Use the air compressor trick, it works great, and many people have compressors, if you dont, im sure one of your buddies or buddies dads does, and wouldn't mind letting you use it. I know I wouldn't mind helping if someone came to my house.

By the way, not that you all might need to do this, but it also works very well getting 5 gallon buckets that are stuck together, unstuck. Usually you can just blow some air in the side by the top of the bucket, and its enough to make it let go.