Hello All



Hey all;
Im new to the site. I picked up a 88 blaster last year. Finally got it registered in my name. Due to my YZ125, KX125, and my DR650. It got put on hold. First quad ive ever had. Im gonna start the blaster project now. Over the year ive had it i put on a grab bar, reed spacer, new clutch, and new chain and sprockets. Im now going to take it down to the frame. Any suggestions on what parts to put on it. My plans are extend the swing arm Try to but on a mx shock see how that goes. shee axle if i can find one for cheap. Rear hydro brakes if i can find something to use. Im just wondering what i should do for the motor. maybe you guys could give me some info on what you have done. what works and what does not with the bike. I have tons of questions but ill post those later.
cgratz on blaster, and just some small upgrades. Airfilter - K&N or UNI is good, drill holes in airbox lid...alot of people remove it, but i wouldnt... if it is dusty or muddy or stuff like that it isnt as good of an idea...so you could just drill holes. uhh Pipe like FMF, LRD, Factory 7, and there are alot others, Wiseco Piston...uhmmmm have it bored over, (NO MORE THAN . 080 over cuz you'll need jug mods) renthal bars or fly racing bars...or some bars like that are good....uhh i cant think of anything else small at the time..so ill keep thinking and if i find anything, ill put it up...but im not fully awake right now
thanks for the info. Should I go with a stroker crank and .60? Not sure what i can do till reliability becomes an issue with an air cooled 2-stroke.
stroker is pretty good, and i am running .60, it runs pretty nice, and with all my stuff i have still air cooled, i dont have much listed cuz...i was lazy...but oh well!