Fun to run from cops


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May 11, 2007
Well today me an my friend went riding, i was riding my trail bike (xr100) an my friend was riding his 110 pit bike well we was coming down the road hauling balls i was topped out full throttle so was he i was slowly passing him when i looked back an seen the 5-0 well i was about 1 mile from the powerlines so i decide to run, well i took a sharp ass turn half throttle then as i was coming out of it i was full throttle again got all the way down to the power lines an turned in an i was on her again full throttle through everything that was in front of me which was, few sharp muddy turns, couple jumps, small but kinda deep swamp, couple bushes........couple elk.......Jk about the last two but that was my fun run......glad my tires aren't slick.......Lol
lol its illegal but it almost seems like all the cops do is bother quaders and dirtbikers. i remember this time when i was going to a friends house on my blaster and out of nowhere a piggy in a squad car started chasing me so i started hauling ass towards my friends friends house except i drove past it and started going around the block after 3 half times around i cut threw a feild with trees went into my friends garage and screamed shut the effing door! i took my helmet off me and my friend looke dout the window to see the squad car flying past.

i've had too many to count encounters with the po-po only time i got caught was on my 250ex which got destroyed and i was in a hospital bed afte rthe accident the judge gave me a choice to sell my 250ex or pay a fine so i sold it.

if you ever get a piggy on your tail tease him by going around a block then cut across a feild or forest when he can't see you

and if you are on a blaster stay off the black top use grass for turns becuz if u attempt a turn hauling ass on blacktop u will flip beleive me it happened to me during a race with blacktop.
Ohh i forgot to mention i was in the middle of the road when i noticed him behind me an i still didn't get off the road when i knew he was there i was on the road all the way up till i hit the power lines
How illegal is it to run, because I have yet to be caught and Ive always considerd running the better option.
Yeah. One time I had my quad full throttle on one side of the road and a cop goes right past me like im a car I swear to god I have never been so close to crapping my pants in my life, and I almost swerved off the road. I didnt ride on the road anymore that day.
I have nothing to sell. I have to work my balls off for 5 bucks an hour if I want any money lol. But my granpa is loaded so I get alot of money working for him.
Yea i'm working right now in damn 90 -97 degree's weather for 10 dollars an hour an that hott sun beating down on you makes you tired pretty fast
i've never stopped or turned my self in to the po-po (police) like i said i've only got caught once on my 250ex, heres what happened i was coming at a jump full throttle mostly i went off when i landed i hit a rock which broke my tie rods so i had no control litteraly i went down a hill sideways flipping until i smacked my body on a tree, i only remeber lying in a hospital bed ad having them try to explain what happened. damn pigs still charged me judge was nice enough to give me a choice of selling my total destroyed 250ex or pay a fine. so i sold the 250 ex, it was built with the best parts when i got into that accident, so a year and half later i bought a blaster to keep me busy.
i stopped once because there was a tree in the middle of the road an a state trooper on one side an a cop on the other an no way to get around either, that was the day of 2 tickets, so many things i did wrong had to write them on 2 tickets what sucked is i got charged for him writing that second ticket up to
Dam I dont think id have the balls to run from a trooper and a cop. Sucks about your 250ex to. A blaster aint much smaller than a 250ex right?