engine mods



My wife is a small lady. She feels my 400 is too big. Not in power but in overall size. She can ride it and a 450 but she feels the frame size is just too big. She rides a blaster. She loves the size. She can ride the hell out of it. She wants/needs more power. I was looking in port polish and poss stroke it. Now the port polish mill, will this blow up in sand? People tell me yes and other people say no. I think the stroker is too involved for me right now. Would you port and mill the head? She loves her balster and doesnt want a new one beacuse of the size(frame) not engine
You can still get more "noticable" power without Porting/milling by simply replacing the Stock pipe/reeds/airfilter and change the sprockets. Also you could have the ports(intake/exhaust) polished and get even more power without having to go to the extreme of milling the head.

Bottomline, the more aftermarket parts you put on, the more you have to take care of the machine but the power is worth it.
It will not blow up in sand. who ever tells you that, obviously does not ride sand. Thats pretty much the only riding I do anymore. Sand is so much fun.

Now can sand damage your motor, of course it can. If it gets into your motor somehow. Just make sure all your intake is on properly with no leaks and your cranck case covers are on tight. Dont work on your ATV while in the dunes if you have to expose the motor in some way, wait until you get home.