DT200 powered Blaster Project


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Jul 5, 2007
Guys, I have a DT200 engine on the way to go in my Blaster project. It does need to be rebuilt though. I am going to have the frame for it powdercoated in either Yellow if I use the Red Plastics I have or Red if I use the Blue plastics I have. what do you all think? the only thing I am not sure about yet is where I am mounting a radiator.I will also be painting the a-arms and rear swing arm also the same color. I will be putting on a new set of nerf bars, rear grab bar and front bumper but not sure whether to go black or chrome, what do you all think? Any one have any other suggestions for me?
This is my winter project. I will definetely post up a lot of pics once I get started on it. This thing should have about 33-34 hp. It has the same bottom end as a blaster except gearing, I have a blaster bottom end to use for transmission gear cluster. I may use dt200 cases also depending on the condition when I recieve it. the right case is different to run the water pump. It will definetely be a head turner when its finished. This is a atv that yamaha should have produced. I do not understand why they did not. It is a direct no fab bolt in except for the radiator. I will not be running oil injection system so it will be a premix only motor. It will be a thumb throttle set up with TORS eliminated. I am not sure what carburetter I will have to run though.
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radiator behind or in front of the steering stem and try to keep it in the fram if possible, YZ125 Rads. should work good bolterd together then mounted, i would say blue with yellow frmae, and black accent parts
There is a LT250R Rad. on ebay for $65.95.

We used one for a Drag Blaster at my friends local shop. They punched a YZ250 out to 295!! Then put it in a stripped blaster. We modified the frame in front of the stem and used a Yfz Hood/fenders. It was a kick ass sand drag. With a long-ass swingarm it still yanked the tires up through fourth. Good luck and hope you put up some pics.
The DT200 engine will be here tomorrow! I am so excited to finally have this for my blaster project. I have red or blue blaster plastic bodywork available for this project. What color should I have my frame powdercoated? Do you guys think I should use the blaster gears or the dt200 gears in my engine. I have 2 blaster engines for parts. what do you all think?
I really don't see the point of doing the swap if you're not willing to use the complete engine. I thought that was the whole purpose of the dt engine.
the whole point of doing the engine is the liquid cooling and the power. If the dt200 gearing is wrong u can use the gear cluster from a blaster in it. the only differences in the bottom end of motors is related to the water cooling. plus its a direct swap----no welding or cutting to make it fit, only welding required is to mount radiator brackets.