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I ride a 2000 blaster. its got over 35,000 kms on it. When i was riding the engine started to die like it had ran out of fuel but it still had half a tank of fuel left in it. At first i figured either my air filter was super dirty or there was water in the carb. No luck. Then i checked the spark plug and pistons for a seal. Spark plug was toast but that wasn't the only problem. I can try to start it and can here it trying to turn over but it won't do it. i even dumped all my fuel and replaced because of water that could have got in from fueling in hte rain. That still did not help with the problem. It is lying in pieces in my friends shop right now and i can't figure out what i should try doing next. PLEASE GIVE ME IDEAS!!! :(

You can also email me at if want. Any help would be great.:-D
Is it seized up? if so, then you will need new rings and at least a hone job, maybe even boring depending on the damage, which means a new piston to.
did u check your inightion coil? the stater coil???? your petcock could be clogged, or a jet has dirt in it
First of all, will the motor spin over when you kick it or is it seized an wont kick over?

If it will kick over, put a new plug in it.

Check it for spark

Check your reeds.
Well i can kick it and you can here it try to start like after a good couple of kicks. I have cleaned out almost everything on or in the engine and cant see anything wrong with it so far. I will have to check to see if dirt has collected in one of the jets. Also i will remember to check the petcock
Put a new spark plug in the biotch, cleaning a fouled plug will do nothin for you.

You just going to get the same results so put a new one in it!
actualy a fould plug can be cleaned and used again. However, if you have another plug and or can buy one some where close to your home buy a new one, autoparts stores often have the NGK Br8es plug that a blaster uses.

Its just better to use a new one.
After you install a new one, check if you have spark. I dont think you have said weather or not you have spark or not.
i always carry a couple of plugs w me when im riding yea get at least 2 plugs so then youll have an extra one but if no spark it could b the coil or a wiring problem
ya i replaced the plug the old one didn't have a spark. the new one i put in does so i am sure that there just is dirt in the fuel jets.
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I found the problem completely wrecked the piston. There was some pressure but not enough to sustain running. I went to open it up and a bunch of metal fell out of the exghaust. but atleast now i have a reason to get it all bored out and get a bigger piston put in.I:II:I