Custom air box



i am thinking about putting a custom air box in my beast. any pics, mesourments or info would be helpfull!
if ur anywhere near whater do not make a custom airbox but if u ride in dirt and non duty conditions then u should me fine and be sure to rejet
I would just go with a trusted professional such as the CMF Aluminum airbox. That is if you are trying to get the most out of your blaster, otherwise don't bother. Anyways here's there website,
I wouldnt tell him dont bother. If the guy has some tools and can fab his own stuff dont discourage. Ive seen pics. of a guy who made his own aluminum airbox and it looked sick and worked great according to him.
I'm in the process of making one with one of my friend who's a metal worker, i'll do a custom airbox in aluminium and i'll also do the air scoops.

Maybe i'll make a couple more airbox to sell to the people on here, but it will be during winter.