Carbs- adjustments



Does any body know the approximate adjustments on the carb and reccomended gap setting on the plug
recently bought a aftermarket carb capand idle screw that elminates the swith assembly on top of the carb. Im curious if anyoe has ever done this and if so did it enhance anything.
Adjustment on the air/fuel screw should be 2 1/4 turn out Screw it all the way in then back it out 2 1/4 turn that's what i have mine at it ran strong.
is that the screw just to the right of where the fuel goes into the carb. Pretty much the only screw on it... haha, but seriously cause mine was like only half turn out from all the way screwed in!!
The Service manual says to tighten it (not tpo snug or it will strip) then back it out 1 1/2 turns (if you have stock exhaust system and air filter is clean), then fine tune from there I suppose, Turning the screw out allows more air to flow during idle (leaning the mixture of fuel and air) and screwing it in decreases air flow during idle (richening the mixture) lefty leaner, righty richer

hope this helps.
I have mine 2 1/4 turns out but we live in 2 diff elevation an that has a big effect on jettin an carb tunning.
haha I have mine set at that too, but I was just stating what the manual says :p
Ohh ok, lol it's kool. Forget there manual there good for stock motors.

But they have other useful things in them.