Bore size



So I am buying a 97 Blaster which has been bored .60 over..As far as I know .60 over is the biggest bore you can run with out major mods to the cylinder..I understand if you to modify the cylinder you can run a .80 bore..

The quad aparently has low miles on the .60 bore so Id asume its in good condition..But if anything just for a safty thing..If i were to rebore down the line would it be best if i picked up another cylinder with a stock\smaller bore? if so are blaster cylinders easy to come by for a fair price? Im not sure how much one would be worth?? some insight on that would be nice..Also when doing a CR test..what kinda of numbers are good as far a safe CR range? and as far as doing the accutal test..I would:

1.Screw in the CR test in the plug port
2.Hold the throttle open
3. and kick the kickstarter (how many times should I kick 2-3??)

What size gap do i need to run on the spark plug aswell? I just want to know whats going on inside the motor..and take all the precautions to fixing anything thats in need of fixing , and replacing\upgrading the basics so shes solid and ready to go for the winter time!!

Thanks for checking this out!! I:I
Just look at e-bay for the cylinder itself,ive seen them go for pretty cheap.