Blastard went rattle seize, not boom

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Oct 6, 2007
Front Royal, VA
The Blaster is dead long live the Blaster=))=))
I was in the middle of a nice 2nd gear power wheelie and the motor suddenly ceased operation. Luckily, I had 2 fingers poised over the clutch as I always do when riding a 2 stroke and managed to keep from getting thrown over the handlebars. Carnage pics follow, bidding on an 03 motor complete ,funny the only thing undamaged is the bore,it is perfect and was the original 18 year old ARt factory piston. If I can't find a motor cheap I'll fix this one, worst case , a set of crank bearings and seals and get the case heliarced ,then hand file it til it's level and bore the cylinder to fit a new 1st over Wiseco. You Play You Pay...

mud daubers


carnage 1

carnage 2

carnage 3

custom case vent

18 year old swingarm pivot bolt (removal required for engine removal) after 3 hrs of heating beating and cussing:

Stripped Blastard
woops lol, u could rig up a patch on the bottom and rebuild that one, but itd be nicer to just get a new motor and go with it
did u say an 18yr old piston????? gawd! sorry but did you have that in mind every time u rode it?
I had no idea it was on the std bore or factory piston ART piston. I acquired this quad after it was dropped off at my shop for repair 4 + years ago and the original owner never called or showed back up. It had a broken reed which I replaced , ran great til it flew to pieces... I am hunting a good used bottom end. I am looking at one that has a 3mm Vitos stroker crank, what gains does this give you??? I assume more torque. providing I get it I intend to go with a Wiseco forged piston .20 over and a mild port clean up and polish the exhaust and transfer ports .
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i had the same things about 1 month ago. Only thing i had to do was clean the motor out. Everything was fine other than the piston and rings
Greeting All and Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Has anyone ever had a counterbalancer bind up.??? I started taking it apart this morning anticapating a crank rebuild beacuse it felt like the crank was binding in the case ,passibly a failed main bearing. As soon as I pulled the gear off of the counter balancer , the crank rolls over like a new one... the counter balancer turns free for 1/2 a revoultion then binds and is very hard to turn????
So major surgery is in order ,ie split the cases ,get them heliarced then get a counter balncer and bearings . I'll know more when my flywheel puller arrives so I can get the rotor off and split the motor .
a quick update:
Got a motor comimg off of ebay..bottom end complete with oil block off kit. I'm gonna bore my cylinder as it is std and the one on the other motor has been bored twice already and is in need of the 3rd over bore.Wiseco piston kit and top end gasket set will be here tomorrow.I'll be doing a mild port job on my cylinder then it's off to the local bike shop for a bore (20 over) , hone and chamfer ,I'll have it up by next weekend just in time for my 14 year old son to help me break it in over the Christmas holiday.. Y'All wish me luck...
New stuff is here . Got my cylinder bored yesterday and started the porting process (just a little clean-up really) I lucked out and got a complete motor for $248 to the house. Said motor has a thrashed topend, but it has a spare set of reeds and reed spacer which will go on my cylinder) I had my std cylinder bored .020 and got a topend gasket set off ebay (came as a kit with the piston for $95) $60 to bore the hole so all in all this debacle has cost me $403 and I still have all the spare stuff left over from the original motor + this one already has the oil pump block off kit installed and allen head bolts in all the covers. I 'll put it together this weekend before I go to pick up my son for Christmas on Saturday...
Everything laid out :

The 60 over cylinder form the new motor which i will scavnge the goodirs off of:

Head: ready to bolt on:

New bottom end almost ready :

The reason for the demise of the other motor:

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'course I may be the only one that noticed...