Badlands, July 28th



I know not all of you are ATV/dirtbike riders, but I figured I'd post this up and invite those of you that are. I'm headed to the Badlands in Attica, Indiana with a group of guys from both workplaces and some regular friends. We're going July 28th and plan on being there at about 8AM our time till whenever we feel like leaving (we can try to work around your schedule too if you need to leave early). I'll be taking some people in a truck and we're going to try and load as many 4-wheelers and bikes onto a flatbed car hauler as possible and try to take the least amount of vehicles there. We're meeting in LeRoy, IL up by the high school (I can give you directions if you need them) and you're all invited to come if you'd like. It's about an hour and a half drive from LeRoy and it's right off of I-74 just over the Indiana border so its pretty easy to get to.

Be sure to let me know if you're interested in coming so I know how many people we're going to have. Thanks!!

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hey man.....i live about an hour north of badlands and if i can get my new piston in by then i'll come out