Anyone Have a Jet Ski?


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Apr 1, 2007
Just wondering if anyone has a jet ski and what you think of them if you do have one. Are they fun, even if you've just ridden them? There's a big lake about 40 minutes away from me: Lake of the Ozarks. Would be a nice way to have fun on the water. My brother and I ride ATV's together with a friend, but the jet ski thing is another option for the near future. It's a good summer sport :)

i have a Kawasaki stx 900.... they r awesome to ride.... bytches everywhere lol
My buddy has a couple that we take out all the time. He's got an 88 Kawasaki 550 stand-up, and a 90 kawasaki 650 sit-down. The stand-up is difficult as all hell to ride, especially when you ride it the first time, and you need some amazing balance to keep one upright and corner with it. It's like riding a 2-wheeled skateboard in the water lol. Once you master the art of it, it is a ton of fun to ride. I'd never buy a ski for myself though, there's a lot of upkeep involved with them, plus you can't ride them year-round like quads. As long as my buddy keeps them, i'll definitely keep riding them.

(plus, the chicks dig them