Air Filter

Dont skimp on a BS filter pay the money and get a uni or k&n...from how you describe the condition i would get the outerwear for it too.
spend $40 and go k&n better for your motor and you will notice a power difference.

k&n are post-oiled, d'oh!

I've usually ran uni or twin air, but have been in a pinch on more than one occaison and bought/ran a pre oiled job. recently I tried a k&n and was very impressed with how well it performed in dusty and sandy conditions both. i found the k&n easier and less messy to clean and re-oil than its foam element counter-parts.

(i've tried like 3 brands of pre-oiled filters, the ones i have used have been inferior in quality to uni/twin air)
I have a toomey but it's the same setup as an uni I love it.
i had a bad experience with K&N i had it on real tight. i started riding in really dusty conditions, after a little while my qaud started to act weird so i bring it up and take the filter and i find a great amount of dust that got past the filter. i've been running pre oiled filters and nothing has gotten past it so far
did u clean ur k&n when u first got it cause they say u suppose to clean first when get or it could mess somthin up