Air box lid



i am needing the stock air box lid for my 06 blaster... must be in good shape
i run my airbox lid completely off.

Yea and I use to also. But like I said its never a good Idea. I didnt say its a bad idea, just not good.

You could ride for years and never have a problem, but then one day something gets inside your airbox, past your filter (if not on correctly or cleaned correctly) and into your carb, mixed with gas/oil/air and sent into your cylender. Yea might not happen, but you never know.

If your going to run it with the lid completly off, Id suggest getting the proper outterwear for the filter your using.

also the conditions you ride in would equate wether or not its a good idea to have it off. ex. Mud/water/heavy dust or sand. Sand is a sneaky guy he gets everywhere.
just get something almost like nilon and cover the top of ur box with it......same concept as outerwear