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Well, I was wondering, what is the most cost-effecient way to make my blaster go faster? I've already got a toomey pipe on it, but that's it. And i'd also like a price range for a bore-kit.
a big bore kits gonna give you power your speed is in your gearing if you wanna go faster change your front gear to a 14, vito's big bore is going to cost you right at 600 dollars
get a k&n air filter.....and get ur cylinder ported, mill ur head, lighten ur flywheel, get a bigger carb, new reeds....that right there will smoke a stock big bore....because if ur gonna pay 600 bucks for that u'll have to pay more for a port job....because the big bores aren't clean...a stock cylinder is actually in better shape then the big bore cylinders...the things i listed up there if u shop around a little u could get all of that for under 600 bucks if u shop around a little
I agree with hawkeye, I would slap a trenga carb on it along with his suggestions.
im also in the market of adding parts to my blaster so far i been reading into what i want

rad valve
fmf sst or fatty
new sprockets
new carb

i may also go with a vitos big bore kit. is it worth the money
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i see. i knew the price was too good for something like that i have to fing a race gas vender here in hawaii. once i find that ill most likley go with the ct sonic kit.

CT 240 Sonic Complete Package . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1535.00

Kit includes: new cylinder, CT porting, head, piston, rings, wrist pin, circlips, wrist pin bearing, top-end gasket set, reed cage, intake boot, 36mm PWK pre-jetted carburetor, cable, CT Pipe and silencer.

its all what i wanna do to my bike gatta keep saving!
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How do you change your gearing? and are there any negatives?
you can change your gearing three ways, but only two are easy to do. first is by cutting or positioning the gears in the tranny, second is tire selection (size) and third is your counterbalancer shaft (front sprocket) or rear sprocket. If you change your tire height you can increase mph or acceleration, smaller tires will accelerate faster but drop top end and larger diameter tires will do vice-versa. The countershaft sprocket has two 10mm head bolts to remove, by going up on the front sprocket you gain top speed, at the expense of take off; the rear sprocket works the opposite. I hope this helps.
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