34mm PJ


Apr 21, 2020
Hello all, so I know this has been asked before but as I’ve just been lurking and soaking up knowledge I haven't interacted enough with others to gain ability to message and such, so figured I’d ask for starting recommendations for jetting on my specific application, I’ve got 150-162 mains, 48-52 pilots, DGH needle and 6.0 slide

stock bore
VForce 4 reeds
Pro design 34mm boot
Modified stock air box with K&N filter
Alien DMC exhaust
Oil injection deleted
2,500 elevation
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Thanks Larry I have looked through there couple times, havnt seen much on the DMC pipe/34mm combo but I’m sure I’ve missed some and I’ve read other posts about the 34PJ that’s where I came up with the range of jets to start out with, if I was planning on running stock bore/stock port I wouldn’t have went up to a 34mm but I’ve got a KOR ported jug and rechambered head ready to go on just want to get a baseline tune on the stock one so I don’t fry the thing running super lean while it breaks in lol
@ your elevation, in this order only, you must start at the bottom and work up thru the jetting ranges .....

set/check your float height

start with the 48 pilot find highest idle between .5 and 2.5 turns out, above 2.5 needs leaner, below .5 needs richer

DGH needle on the middle clip slot, DMC pipes are known to like a rich needle on the stock carb, but my 34PJ liked the middle slot here at a lower elevation, so you'll be richer at your higher elevation. (you can also do 1/2-3/4 throttle plug chops to confirm the needle jetting)

Mine also ran a 155 summer/162 winter here @ 1800' with more free flowing air/pipe, I wouldn't hesitate to do a plug chop with a 150/152 for your mods.

Plug chops are your friend, do them and not fry anything with one wide open run.
Awesome Awk08 was hoping you would chime in as I’ve kinda seen your the master of these carbs lol thanks so much this will give me a great starting point, will plug chop to perfection after that
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