1. William Snyder

    Woodruff key keeps shearing

    So after I hold the flywheel off to check the stator because my lights weren't working my Woodruff key keeps shearing. The end of the crankshaft threads are messed up for about a quarter inch maybe even a half inch so I am using a thinner washer because the Woodruff key kept shearing and I...
  2. N

    Blaster only bump starts

    I definitely need help on this!!! So I recently got a 1988 blaster and was told that the engine was recently rebuilt. So the problem is that the blaster only starts by bump/push starting it. Only once I was able to start it by kicking it over. I don’t understand what could be wrong. I checked...
  3. yancy

    idle only after stator swap

    hello guy's, Merry Christmas,. ok I have a 1998 blaster, son's bike, stator went out, NO spark. After installing new one, bike starts, will only idle, can somewhat let off clutch in gear, puut around yard, give it throttle , boggs down , but stays running, idle bog. mix my own fuel...