1. I

    IT 400 blaster

    Building a blaster with an engine off an old Dirtbike I bought a couple years ago. 1979 yamaha it400 2 stroke. I got the motor out and very roughly dropped in. Looks like I’m going to have to cut the front motor mounts off the frame. Also the blaster engine was designed to have the swing arm...
  2. K

    Amount of room behind 03-06 hoods?

    Hey guys I'm wondering how much room is there behind the hoods on the 03-06 blasters? Reason is because I got a yz250 motor in a 98 blaster and im planning on getting a newer hood, since they look real nice and ive heard they do fit, but im wondering how much room there is behind the hood...
  3. crusty4365

    88-02 stator, harness and electric, on a 240 '03 motor?

    I have two blasters. Id like to put my 03 240 motor in my 88-02 blaster. can I just swap electric? can I replace the 03 stator and harness and electric parts with 88-02 stator harness and electric etc? basically the 88 is in better condition than the 03 but the 03 has a better motor and engine...