1. watergate528

    Blaster 200 Stator Hold down screws.

    Found these after a long search. 6x1x75mm bolts hex bolts. Zinc plated. Not a bad deal for $8.00 with prime. :)
  2. Miker1st

    Blaster Bogs Beyond Idle

    Howdy folks, I've been lurking here for a good couple of months and have spent a lot of time reading the forum. tl:dr YFS200 idles great, bogs with any throttle. Started after replacing OEM ignition with cheap chinese, two day from Amazon parts. Nitty Gritty deets below. I recently purchased...
  3. J

    Yamaha blaster running bad

    I have a 2001 yamaha blaster, it’s a little difficult to start at first but not to bad, when I ride it in first gear it’s fine until I shift into second gear and give it full throttle it kinda sputters, as if it’s misfiring. It will take off then die down for about a second and keep doing that I...
  4. N

    Tuning help

    Hi all, I just bought a 2000 Blaster I could use some help with. I’m a little familiar with them as among my family we have a total of 4 blasters but this one is a little unique. One of the previous owners had put a brand new carburetor on it, and the guy I bought it from never really had time...
  5. Blastarded1

    Flywheel balancing

    Just wanted to share this awesome video about how to easily balance your flywheel at home. Video: Program: I know this is old but it's so awesome! Maybe somebody hasn't seen it yet.
  6. Blastarded1

    Flywheel balanceing

    Just wanted to share this link I found for a video on how to balance your flywheel as I needed to do just that after it was stuck and I needed to get to the stator. We've all been there I'm sure. Video: Software tool:
  7. crusty4365

    88-02 stator, harness and electric, on a 240 '03 motor?

    I have two blasters. Id like to put my 03 240 motor in my 88-02 blaster. can I just swap electric? can I replace the 03 stator and harness and electric parts with 88-02 stator harness and electric etc? basically the 88 is in better condition than the 03 but the 03 has a better motor and engine...
  8. Rick Dee

    Blaster not running

    So I recently had my blaster rebuilt pretty much top to bottom engine wise. Got it back from the shop and it was running great. Didn’t always start on the first or second kick. Up until about a week ago it was a dozen or so or more to get running. Since it was a rebuild I pulled the plug after a...
  9. J

    Missing parts

    I bought an 88 blaster, the bike is missing random parts, most of which are of little concern. What I want to know is what all parts I will need from the stator out. It's all missing. No stator, flywheel, covers hardware, nothing. This is my first blaster and really my first project bike. Any...