1. F


    Well I’m back here asking for help. I was going through the gears before putting my engine back together and I noticed that I couldn’t shift anymore. I opened the right side of my case and found that the shift star is pushed in to the point that I can’t find any gears. The shift knob only moves...
  2. Just Riding

    Blaster won't go into first or second gear

    Hi Gurus, I'm going to help a buddy out and see if I can repair his gen 1 Blaster. He's dropping it off tomorrow. What I know so far is that it used to run great then started not being able to go into first gear (just skipped it). With that issue he would use 2nd on up until it stopped going...
  3. C

    2004 Blaster shifting

    Hello, I’m new to the forum and I’m having some problems shifting. I changed the transmission oil to 10w30 motul trans oil. When I shift it feels like there is no more gears until I rock back and forth it catches the gear.
  4. J

    Blaster not shifting

    Hello blaster community, so I was out riding yesterday and came across a hill that is notorious for being a pain in the a$$.. none of my dirt bikes were ever able to make it up due to the steep in long big rocks excessive mud etc. So I decided to try the quad on it.. it went up it like a tank...
  5. Noxtol

    Shifting problems please help

    So today when riding my 93 blaster it was going good all morning, while riding back I had to turn sharp and slipped on mud and sent it into a donut, it was in to high of a gear so it stalled, no biggie. I started it back up and when I went to shift it back in to first, it never stopped, it kept...