1. L

    Over revved in gear

    So I was going down the road in sixth gear almost full open for half a second then the quad revved to the moon as I pulled the clutch in and put it in fifth gear whilst holding the brake. I shut it off right away then I tried starting it but it only started on choke and acted like it needed to...
  2. 5Caleb9

    Bad rev issue or idle issue please help

    Hello, I’m Caleb, I’m a 16 year old who went to a trade school for diesel technology, it’s nice to meet you all. I was given a (believed to be) 1991 Yamaha Blaster 200cc as, I guess, a summer project. When it was given to me the previous owner of the gifter had bored it out and installed a...
  3. C

    Rev Limiter Screw

    Hey all, so I have a quick question. I just bought an 03 Blaster. After reading through the manual I noticed that there is a screw on the throttle for a rev limiter. I checked mine and found out that there is no screw at all in the hole where it is supposed to be. I was wondering if there is no...