1. J

    My Blaster up shifted out of nowhere and bogged down

    So I went to sandlake here in oregon and I was riding and I noticed that it didnt seem like she was putting out all that much power and all the sudden she up shifted and bogged down and died It seemed like i flooded her or something i tried to restart but she didnt want to start after like 5 min...
  2. A

    Reed Valves

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. I am new to engines and mechanics, I was looking into why my powerband came very late after the throttle had been pinned, some suggested it was reed valves? I do have a twist throttle if that might be the issue but if anyone could recommend reed valves...
  3. natej

    Backfiring on deceleration

    I recently finished a complete overhaul on a 2002 Blaster (thanks to you guys that answered a bunch of questions). It runs great but I notice some backfiring when I let off the throttle. I believe it has the original reeds but I didn't notice a ton of damage to them when I did the rebuild. I...
  4. B


    I bought a blaster recently that has a uni filter, DG pipe, and is jetted for the pipe. The thing really rips. I was wondering if I got a rad or vforce reeds would I have to jet it differently? Thanks.
  5. Tanker_01

    '06 Blaster Trail Build

    I am planning to set up my little '06 Blaster for trail riding. I have an oil block off kit, a non-tors carb with a longer throttle cable, and a reed spacer with Boysen fiber reeds. I am planning to set up the quad for trail riding so low end power is my target. I have a skidplate already...