need help

  1. SlickRidin

    Blaster not firing

    I'm not sure what year it is, it's anywhere from a 1988 - 2006 It has a brand new stator, wiring harness and coil pack. I think it's been bored to a 225 not sure. Please help. The only hot wire is the headlights (orange and red as said in the diagram) Red and White wire isn't hot and the...
  2. Yz125killer

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

    I just picked up a 2000 blaster on trade for a AR-15 and it's a pile of crap. The engine is brand new bottom end to top,I was shown all paperwork and pictures of the build being done October '23. Afterwards it sat til now and just went to crap. I have read all the forums and ran through the...
  3. Hunter cruise

    Amateur rebuild

    Okay so i sent my cylinder off to get bored 40 over after i blew my blaster. but while i have everything tore down what other things do i have to do for the build as far as jetting it correctly? also what all can i do for power? new reeds, exhaust, head work, lightened flywheel? What is gonna...
  4. Hunter cruise

    No spark

    I have a 2002 blaster and i was just cleaning up the wiring like taking the headlight wires out bc there isn't a headlight anymore as well as the tail light wires then i go to crank it up and i'm no longer getting spark. I need help finding a simple wire diagram. i have no oil tank no tors no...
  5. T

    Best midrange exhaust

    I am looking for an exhaust pipe for my stock 2002 blaster. I ride mostly trails and am looking for more midrange power. Hopefully I can find one that won't break the bank. Any help would be super appreciated!