1. Hunter cruise

    Amateur rebuild

    Okay so i sent my cylinder off to get bored 40 over after i blew my blaster. but while i have everything tore down what other things do i have to do for the build as far as jetting it correctly? also what all can i do for power? new reeds, exhaust, head work, lightened flywheel? What is gonna...
  2. O

    Best budget race mods for the blaster ??? Engine frame and chassis?

    Looking to get into atv racing with my 98 blaster. Looking for Info on the best budget performance mods aswell as any good budget frame and chassis mods. Not new to moto world but new to atvs and blasters in general so any good info would be appritiated
  3. L


    Could some please tell me if this head is chambered and is it good? It is also milled for premium gas.
  4. H

    Blaster keeps blowing topend

    Bought an 01 blaster went through 2 top ends in 2 weeks. Mixing 32:1 with klotz Jets- 40 pilot 4th clip on needle 270 main Fmf pipe, head was milled .035 before last rebuild. Had not even a tank of gas ran through before it completely fried the piston. Putting a new bottom end in to make sure...
  5. jbblaster3


    I need opinions on what siz jet to use. I recently got an 04 blaster and I took the carb off to clean and remove the tors system. The previous owner had put fmf pipe other than that I believe it’s all stock. So I seen he had rejetted it once bc it had a 260 jet already in it and the clip was on...