1. C

    Plug chop looks lean

    Hey guys, I recently got a Yamaha blaster with an fmf pipe. It didn’t have a carb when I got it so I got an oem carb and started jetting it. I first put a 270 in it with a fmf fatty and airbox lid on snorkel removed 32:1 mix. And did a plug chop. It looked extremely lean so I did it again but...
  2. Craigayfs200

    What jets to use??

    Hi all recently bought a 06 special edition blaster, when on wot in high gears it feels as if there are flat spots like it's sort of holding back I have an open air box lid DMC front pipe and FMF silencer Thor's delete and carb is a replacement Thor's delete carb unbranded , I bought the quad...