1. C


    I'm sure this post has been been posted before but I couldn't find one like it. I just bought this 95 Blaster, and it has a new aftermarket (not name brand at all looks like chinese) carburetor that was on it and I feel like it's my issued with it. It will idle fine on choke, as soon as you take...
  2. 2

    Idle and fuel question

    Some people say you can't let a 2 stroke idle and you have to keep blipping the throttle, because you will foul a plug or blow your top end due to not enough oil at idle for the piston while others say they let their blaster idle all day and never had a problem. I would like to know if I could...
  3. Phillip Caicedo

    My Idle adjuster doesn't work

    I have a 98 blaster and my Idle Is way too high. My idle adjuster doesn't do anything. The only way to get the idle to die down is to hold the choke in. My idle adjuster is the box style on top of the carburetor that has the throttle cable go through it. Please help.
  4. B

    High idle in neutral

    Hi! brand new to the forum, traded for a 98 blaster 2 weeks ago and did a top end rebuild. Was not running nor had compression. I also got the chinese carb. my buddy and I got a spark and got it started, however, it would kick over, rev way up, and then die. We found that when we kick it over...
  5. B

    Carb tor removal screw setting

    have a 1989 yamaha blaster thats bored .2 over with a weisco piston, boyeson power reeds, stock expansion chamber, aftermarket pipe dont know the brand sticker was burnt, oil injection, aftermarket airfilter no airboxlid, currently running a 250 mainjet, needle clip is set on third in the middle...