1. N

    Jet needle washers

    Iam going to sound like a noob here but according to a diagram i saw in my clymers service manual my 89 blaster has something called jet needle washers which I have never seen till I owned this blaster. Is it supposed to have one or two and does one go on top and one under the e clip? Also it's...
  2. C


    I'm sure this post has been been posted before but I couldn't find one like it. I just bought this 95 Blaster, and it has a new aftermarket (not name brand at all looks like chinese) carburetor that was on it and I feel like it's my issued with it. It will idle fine on choke, as soon as you take...
  3. LoganVee

    Looking for a new carburetor.

    I imagine that this question gets asked a lot around here but I'm looking to get a new carburetor and was wondering what would be the best option for me. I have a 1990 blaster and its bored to 210 and it has a full FMF exhaust with a powercore 2 silencer. ( I don't plan on doing any other engine...
  4. Jackson walsh

    Carburetor leaks

    My blaster is sitting and I have the gas on it dumps gas out of the drain hole in the bowl. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  5. Jackson walsh

    Air Box

    I recently bought a 1990 blaster without an air filer or air box. A guy near me has an air-box off of a 2006 blaster. I was wondering if it would fit mine or it would be better to go with a clamp on air filter directly into the carb?
  6. MN Squatch

    Fresh rebuild with minor mods, can’t get it to run right

    So I rebuilt my 02 blaster this winter after I fried it a couple weeks after buying it last summer. When I did the fresh rebuild (jug, piston, rings, gaskets) I added dual stage boyesen reeds, ported and polished the jug, and removed the box air filter altogether and put a cone filter right on...
  7. Sean murphy

    Help with rust 04 blaster

    I have very rust blast that day and engine only has like 10 hours on it but everything is so rust from sitting and a lot of screws and bolts are stripped ,whats best way to remove rust and not sure what this is on the carburetor if it comes out or what but doesn’t look like screws or very...
  8. B

    I’m at a loss

    So. 04 blaster. Fresh rebuild, bottom up. Wiseco crank and piton. Niche jug And head. Hot rods and All Balls bearing everywhere else. So when I got the bike it was stock everywhere. I put a FMF gold fatty and power core 2 silencer on it. Ran great with no tuning or jetting. Since I’ve...
  9. Bosvark

    Blaster won't start 2020

    Hi guys new to the site, I need help, my blaster won't start, it has fire, it has compression and it is getting fuel, I have checked the carburetor it is clean and everything is oky with it. The spark plug is a little wet, but not drowned and still fires, I have even flushed the tank and...
  10. S

    HELP!! Blaster probss

    Need help with my 2000 blaster 200. Bought it a little while ago not running. Brought it home and fired up after pull starting it. Cleaned the gas and oil etc and ran pretty good. I wanted to do a carb rebuild because it still seemed a little choppy. Once into the rebuild the needle was set a...
  11. M

    Please help!!

    Okay so, just rebuilt 05 blaster, .20 over piston, fresh hone, fresh seals, gaskets, you name it... rebuilt carb (new components) new reeds... TORS SYSTEM STILL HOOKED UP, ALONG WITH OIL INJECTION.. first start up, sounds okay, but will not idle at all, turn the idle screw on top of TORS system...
  12. B

    Carb tor removal screw setting

    have a 1989 yamaha blaster thats bored .2 over with a weisco piston, boyeson power reeds, stock expansion chamber, aftermarket pipe dont know the brand sticker was burnt, oil injection, aftermarket airfilter no airboxlid, currently running a 250 mainjet, needle clip is set on third in the middle...
  13. B

    1989 blaster w/ few mods jetting

    I have a 1989 yamaha blaster thats bored .2 over with a weisco piston and boyeson power reeds stock expansion chamber aftermarket pipe dont know the brand sticker was burnt oil injection aftermarket airfilter no airbox lid tors unplugged i am currently running a 300 mainjet if i open it all the...
  14. B

    Which throttle cable

    Ok so on a 2000 Yamaha blaster I've removed the tors and all the wiring, now I wna remove the brick on top of the carb and run straight throttle cable, WHICH BRAND AND PART DO I USE PLEASE AND THANK YOU
  15. Dschade

    Tors idle adjustment problem

    Hey everyone, new here to blasterforums! I have a problem. I tried searching for it but couldn't come up with anything. The problem I have after I rebuilt the carburetor. I put the carb on the bike and routed the throttle cable the same way as it was. Now it revs up (my guess sounds like...
  16. J

    Carburetor smoking

    Hows it going first time posting took me forever to figure how... took a blaster motor in on trade a few years back so it sat in my garage for a while until I decide to build one so it's a complete frankenquad. Unsure of any years. I finally finished the quad motor makes great compression no...
  17. C

    Someone put mountain dew in my tank

    I have a neighbor that is a dick and doesn't want me riding my fourwheeler and he said he was gonna pop my tires and I ended up leaving for a few days at the river cabin and when I came back my quad was messed with. I seen the cap wasn't on right and I tried cranking it and as soon as I cranked...
  18. jbblaster3


    I need opinions on what siz jet to use. I recently got an 04 blaster and I took the carb off to clean and remove the tors system. The previous owner had put fmf pipe other than that I believe it’s all stock. So I seen he had rejetted it once bc it had a 260 jet already in it and the clip was on...
  19. 300iFordguy

    Pretty new to blasters and recently blew my motor

    I recently blew my motor on my 98 blaster. I've been exploring my options when it comes to rebuilding and have been particularly interested in just buying a big bore kit instead. So what I need to know is if i were to invest in a big bore kit, say 210cc? What would I be looking at jetting wise...
  20. 5Caleb9

    Bad rev issue or idle issue please help

    Hello, I’m Caleb, I’m a 16 year old who went to a trade school for diesel technology, it’s nice to meet you all. I was given a (believed to be) 1991 Yamaha Blaster 200cc as, I guess, a summer project. When it was given to me the previous owner of the gifter had bored it out and installed a...