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  • hehe yeah that metal tab thingy helps a lot. i was tinkering with that stupid silencer forever trying to get it to mount and i could't get it to mount so i picked up that tab.
    It deffinitly doesn't fit as nice as the stocker pipe and muffler, Glad you added the metal tab. It helped line up the exhaust better. Only took me about an hour or so to get things mocked up on the bike, another hour or two tinkering with mounts.
    The shocks feel better to than stock, wife likes the pink :) They only took like half an hour, much better than exhaust for fitment.
    hey i appreciate the update. i was actually going to ask how it was going with the new parts today. did it go on smoothly? it was a pain to get on for me.
    hey man i'm sorry about the long wait! a heavy package + a long ship is why it is taking so long. ETA is tomorrow or friday. iv'e got more important issues to deal with family wise instead of my little brother's atv. he is in williamsburg with his cousin for the next two weeks. ahhhh lifes a biotch right now
    hey man can you tell me more about the dessert...i am from sd would it be worth a 6 hr drive to ride there
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