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  • i took mine to a ups shipping place and they helped me pack it,
    they had styro-foam to pack around and between the pipe/silencer.
    for the frame i shipped, i went to the u-haul store and bought a 2 boxes big enuf to jam together over the frame.
    they have boxes from very small to big enuf to pack yourself in.

    but be sure it is packed very very good, thats all you need is it to get dented and the buyer cry foul and want his money back.

    fed-ex and the post office will also help you pack it
    looks ok for that price, from what i can see, whats up with the wide mashed together pics ????
    i'm not sure of the condition, but any good shape aftermarket pipe could easily bring $150, maybe let them jew you down to $125 ??
    check what they bring on ebay, or price it slightly less than 1/2 price of a new one ???
    really...put that pro circut up for sale, i got snow coming and won't be riding anyway, and just wanted something temporary.
    my sons car broke a timing belt and bent valves, most newer 4 cylinders are like that, shaved heads for more compression to burn cleaner and pass emissions
    i am interested, but gotta recover from this great white hoax and my sons $1000 repair bill from his car.
    won't be for a couple weeks at least, if you still have it then.
    if you can sale it do so.
    just lemme know, or send me your existing pedal and i'll rework it for ya,
    you'll need to slightly ream the top mounting hole on the 03 frame for the master bolts to line up, easy 5 minute job
    i can have a pedal just like mine on my 05 frame ready for you when you get here, or ship it to you beforehand if needed, just send me the pedal you have now and i can mock it up on my bike
    my brakes only fit onto pre 03 carriers, which will fit any swinger, the 03+ frame will have a place to mount the master, just need to rework the pedal to match that
    we'll have the air covered, and run without front brakes if needed, LOL
    let me know what you need when the time comes, there was even a complete running blaster there this past year, just for parts, compliments of member reagor, it was 1/2 naked by day 3, LOL
    bring it completely unassembled in boxes, you will ride by day 2 lunch time, LOL
    you will be in the company of some of the best blaster mechanics known, with an abundance of spare parts, just bring it and you'll be fine
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