video of me doing a short wheelie


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May 11, 2007
My camera doesn't have a very good sound quality when something loud is up close to it but here is a vid of me doing a wheelie.

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Thanx, an no i don't have the stuff to add music i don't think. I might an i belive i do i think i'm just not using it right. Lol ohh an about you hearing a blow off valve im in the process of making my own turbo charger. Work in progress. I've seen someone else add turbo to a blaster so i'm trying to recreate.
Whats your idea on a oil supply for the turbo. I already thought about that but 2 strokes don't have oil pumps so i just kind of gave up. I thought about using an electric fuel pump and having it pump oil. I was afraid it would plug. I'm sure it can be done but i gave up on the oil supply for the turbo.
I was thinking about removing my oil injection block off an putting the oil injector back on an the hose that came from the pump to the carb i was going to run to the turbo.
I thought about that too but I was afraid it would not pump enough oil. I know it sure would be one hell of a ride even if it only lasted a little while. I had a full size turbo from an audi i was going to use. But it was kind of big and I wasn't sure where to mount it and i wasn't sure how to hook up the exhaust to get it to spool. But you know the idea's were running through my head. lol.
Well all had ideas, some are just crazier then others. I'm also having second thoughts about the turbo but i do know it's very possible i have actually thought of another way to incrase some HP basically like a turbo.