Trenga Racing



does anybody know if Trenga is still in business I tried calling there number but disconnected and can't seem to find new number and help would be appreciated:)
yes I have been to web site but want to talk to a person,the numbers on there are disconnected, thank you for trying with the web, I really don't want to try and buy off site unless I know they are still in business I bought off a web page once and it took a act of congress to get my money back because they were out of business weird but happened
I would stay away from them, I bought 2 carbs from them the 30mm okos , they were supposed to be plug and play, they were not and they never worked they leaked worse than carbs I was replacing and when I called them about it Eric Trenga got mad that I called him about it. He tried to blame me for the problem. I spent $700.00 with them. That kinda customer service is unacceptable. I wound up buying new ones from Yamaha no problems. STAY AWAY!
i know alot of people who have not been satisfied with their work. i called them befor about race motors and it seems that all they want is just to get your $$ there are alot of other shops out there that carry the same products and do the same work. what are you looking to buy anyways?
I neglected to mention on my previous post that there were 2 problems with the carbs, lst the existing yamaha air box would not fit over air inlet on carb without great amount of work and the floats were not adjusted properly. I tried to adjust them after talking to Eric Trenga and when I adjusted them the floats a little then I could not get enough fuel for it to run. I also bought the reed spacers, fuel petcocks and reeds. He tried to say I did not have carb level. When you ride on rough terrain carb will not be level. I leveled carb perfectly and they both still leaked. I probably could have taken the Blasters to the dealer and had them adjust carbs @$80.00 an hour which at 2 ATV,s at probably 2 hours a piece because of the difficulties of getting air box boot over air inlet of carbs I would have spent the money for 2 carbs anyway with no guarranty of success from the Yamaha shop. Very disappointed that I had to go through that much BS to get my Blasters running again.
thats sux and btw carbs don't have to be completly level to function properly my 30mmflatslide and 34mmpj are both on slight angles and i've never had a leaking problem
thanks for the heads up will not even try to contact them!!
Yeah , It was very disappointing to me. I had talked to several racers at the local tracks and they had spoken highly of Trenga racing, so it goes to show even a good recommendation from someone doesn.t allways reflect on how your experience will turn out. I would have returned all the stuff to them and had my bank void the sale on my Visa Debit Card but they said that it had to be a regular credit card which I do not have or want. Eric Trenga talked badly about Vitos to me but now I wander if Vitos is a good company? Anyone had a bad experience with them?
Their cast pistons have a bad rep because they are supposibly weaker than other pistons. Ive bought forged pistons from them and it worked fine and lasted until my idiot cousin put straight gas in the tank...I have also bought a few simple things like reed spacers and ive always had good luck with them.
i've personally never had any experience with them..but some of my friends say they are verry...unreliable with getting WORKING pieces to you...ive heard something about them and their carb sh*t too...but PERSONALLY, ive never delt with them..i usually go out to rockymountain site and get stuffs from there..
my cousin has a vito's big bore kit and has nothing but problems with it went back to oem cylinder for now so again I guess you have to go by with how bought off of who and had good or bad with them and go on that I guess. these kind of forum help that cause my dad goes on raptor forum and gets good info for his bike and my brothers yzf450