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Jul 5, 2007
i succsesfully put on my rear sprocket it took about 2 hours and 3 people to do it me (rareley did anything) my dad (did most of it) my brother (did da rest of wat my dad didnt do)
3hrs. That is super long. All you needed to do was pull the ceneter bolt on the left hub remove the wheel undo 6 bolts on the sprocket and put the new one on.
no it was about 2 but still u have to take the wheel off hard to take off u have take off those locks on the sprocket holder u have to find the right parts you have to loosen the chain
u have to keep adjusting until u get it right and u have to put everything bac on...
it was my first performace part :)
Good job. My first ever repair to any machine was putting a new transmission in my R6. It took about 12 hours total if you dont include waiting on parts. I put the clutch back together wrong but quickly figured out what it was.

Good job. I would say over 1/2 the people that own quads wont even take the time to maintain them. Im glad you have more care than that.