Raptor 250


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Apr 22, 2007
I was ok with the raptor 250 untill I heard what dirtwheels had to say about it. They pretty much said how much better the 250 is than the blaster. They said that the 250s shocks were way better than the blasters, and I understand that. It doesnt take much to beat blasters shocks. But heres what pissed me off. They had the balls to say the 250 was faster than the blaster. And the other thing that pissed me off was they didnt stick up for the blaster at all, they focused on its flaws and didnt mention any of the things that we love about it. They also said that the 250 was a steal for the price. $3899!!! What a load of crap! I dont like ranting on the internet but im pretty mad right now.
ahhh, i read that sh*t, funny i beat a raptor 250 even when i race my friend's stock blaster agianst a raptor 250. i love my blaster no matter what it simply will never be replaced!
AH I am not saying the Blaster is the best 2-stroke motor in the world but when you take a 125cc 2-stroke bike and they have to race against 250cc 4-strokes. And you have the 250 2-strokes racing against 400+cc 4-strokes. You make up your own mind. I personally prefer the kick in the pants a 2-stroke gives you.
250's....they couldn't beat a blaster if they had a bottle of nos...(not really..but..you get the idea..) but why would you put down an amazing....light...fast...2stroke...for a heavy..tanklike...slow....powerless 4poke...
lol its lighter than the blaster, but a blaster would beat it in a second all around. every other stroke in a reatively similar bore cylinder is a power stroke, as opposed to every stroke being a power stroke
If it's lighter then the blaster why not take an put a blaster motor in its frame an make it even lighter an have a hell of a ride.
B14573, i know, but i was trying to make the raptor sound even worse...but eh...still....Raptor 250...tis kinda slow though...
Long live 2 strokes! I'm tryin to find a good deal on Yamaha's old air-cooled 490 2 strokes to fab into something...anyone know where to find one, please let me know. I've found a few, but they are either mint and too expensive, or ragged the f*ck out and would require a complete rebuild.
this guy on everything2stroke.com got a yamaha 465 2 stroke engine nto a blaster frame, omg it hauls ass
Yeah same here. I actually owe my dad 300 bucks because he said he would pay half and I would pay half for my blaster and he ended up paying 1000 and i only paid 400 lol.