places to ride in tennessee

There isn't anything up this way really (Tri Cities), there is I-81 Speed Way Park ($20 to ride now) and Buffalo Trail (14 miles of single track with 2 way traffic). I have friends that go to Coal Creek often and another group that goes to Royal Blue to camp out a few times a year but I've never rode either place.
My buddies and i have built a track and several nice jumps in douglas lake. Its a fun.places to rides with miles upon miles of open lake bed and trails during the winter months when the lake is drained.
I live in lafayetten tn, I heard of a few places up in Kentucky, but there is a place in summertown tn called wheeling in the country you can rent bunk houses and ride a couple hundred acres I think
We ride all over here we get in the creeks andcan go just about anywhere mostly head towards Kentucky to omish territory. We have to hit a few backroads sometimes but the cops don't care too much long as we stay off the main roads