old ladie need a make over


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Nov 17, 2007
yes this is the same quad as my avatar, i decide to change her look, so i powdercoat the frame fire-red and a-arm and swing-arm flat black,i will post some pics as soon as the project evolve, tell me what you think about it!!


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That red frame is going to make that ride. Looks greatI:I
thanks man!!! and by the way the grab bar is comming off i got a chrome one and sterring steam too , i got a chrome +3 high +1 forward and rims too i got itp 1.90 full polish etc etc i just start to rebuild her up,those post are from tonight,and by the way i am putting the (stock)engine back and put the stroker crank in plus i will do my magic inside the motors and my goal is to achive the same horse power at the wheels as my old set up and still run pump gas and more torque i will let you knoe how it turn with dyno sheet to back me up!!!!
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I need a pair of those a-arm extensions. How do you like them? do they give good stability to the front or is it just to give it wider look
my old blaster hade +3+! a-arm and i switch to them extension let me tell ya ther is no diff wath so ever and they old up verry well so far after 1+year of hard abuse (but i still got the +3+1 a-arm in case!!!
I have seen them before but I didn't no if they work very well. Thanks for the info
how much was the powder coat juob im looking at getting that done to mine
how much was the powder coat juob im looking at getting that done to mine
if you get the frame ready(sand blasted,and all the hole pluged(screw) ) its not thats expensive cost me 150$ for the frame and 75$ for the swing-arm and a-arm but when you get it back be prepare to do a lots of work this sh*t is thik like hell a lots of grinding let me tell ya and i am not done!!!
Powder coating

I dislike powder coating on parts that get hit with stuff. That said the muscle car company I work at does alot of it. It looks great and holds up better than paint, but it chips and as soon as you get a chip you get rust. Just my little whine. Anyway, why i write is a tip on what you said about the grinding. It's another issue I have against powder coating, but we have to deal with it. Any hole, threaded or not will be coated in it. So for tight things, like Randelator said, swing arm hole, etc. you get to take the crap off. We have been playing with coatings like cosmoline in bearing recess areas. Threads we fine just chasing with a tap/die is easiest and freshens the threads taboot. I would suggest capping off frame holes wherever possible. Something like the rear axle will be particularly fun around the splined area for the disc. You will wind up scraping off the coating to get the disc on. Handle bars will have the same issue where they attach. I can't say whether I'd leave the coating on and attach them or scrape it off and attach. I think scrape off so it's metal to metal.
Powder coating sure looks good. It takes some work though. I'm going to stick with paint. I'd like to get one parkerized and see how that holds up.