ok...so i am a moron



when i took my motor apart to get the engine freed up, i tore up the lower cylinder gasket. because i am a cheapskate i went to work (i work at an oreillys auto parts) and got a package of gasket material and made a lower gasket. well it blew out (i did not realize there is much pressure at the bottom. does the actual gaskets you get from places like a yamaha shop have copper rings or something in them to keep them together...or is something screwed up with my bike and thats why it happened?
I think what your asking is if the stock lower headgasket has a fire ring... I am pertty sure it does just from looking at gasket kts for the blaster motor..If you can i would say get a yamaha gasket from the dealer or if anything since you have to take the head off again, just buy a top end gasket kit off ebay.. they are cheap.. As for the gasket material you used.. well that sh*t sucks.. plain and simple..

actual gaskets, at least cometic, have a thin sheet of aluminum with the dry fit gasket material bonded onto it, i have a blaster top end gasket kit, i'll hook you up for 15 bux shipped
what if you just used RTV with no gasket? it would lower the jug ever so slightly increasing compression (slightly) and effectively moving all the ports lower (slightly) to make the powerband move toward the bottom end (slightly).

make sense to anyone else? think it would work?
i think that'd be a good idea... but its really hard to say if it would work out or not, id have to put my money on no. but if it works than yes, thats a great way to pick up a little compression... try it out and tell us how it works, thew worsted that could happen is you'd have to finally buy the gasket you should have gotten the first time...
i have a new gasket. but if i can get higher compression and lower my jug by not using one, i'm gonna do it. i think i'll try next time i tear it apart to add to my port work.