oil out tail pipe lots of smoke?



I took the bike out for a bit today and after i shut it off i didnt see oil in the oil window so i put more in now the bike is puffing smoke out the back bad its oil and not 2 stroke and i think i overfilled it now and to make matters worse the drain plug is stripped and i cant get it out cant even grab it with vice grips?? any damage over filing the crank case?:(
i dont have to remove the clutch? the bike still starts first kick?
so the clutch has to come off? if you can give me a step by step that would be great i gotta buy a manual!!
remove the cover for you clutch, and drain the oil out,and remove the gear that you see, and the seal is inside of there...you need the new seal, so the oil doesn't go into there and burn

and if u want to drain oil and the plug is stripped...take a grinder and grind a slot in the plug, and put a screw driver in there on a socket wrench and pull it out...

but yeah...change ya damn seal
even though it wasnt blowing smoke until i added to the tranny its gone? it was running fine just when i parked it i didnt see oil in the sight glass.
i know but where you think this oil as gone , i will tell ya its gone tru the crank seal there no mystery,when you start the engine if you see lots of smoke and oil is dripping from the exaust its your crank seal thats a fact !!!!
ok i took off the cover now how do i stop that magneto from spinning so i can get the nut off?
you are on the wrong side there is no oil on thats side its the other side where the oil is read the manuel i give you the links for it just serch for crank seal they will explaine all wath to do with picture to back it !!!!