October Mountain SF


Thanks to the genius' at DCR, this is now technically the only state owned land that you can ride a quad on. Lets see, more and more people have quads, some people think they ruin trails...so lets put more and more quads on fewer trails and see if that helps the situation.......genius, absolutely genius.

Get involved with your local clubs to help pass legislation in our favor (or more realistically, oppose the legislation that's against our sport!)

yes because the economy is awesome right now and we can all afford to buy 5 acres of land and turn it into trails..
On the flip side, the economy sucks, so land should be getting cheaper!!! You can get a ton of land in the western part of the state for basically nothing. I'd recommend way more than 5 acres though....That's only like ~215,000 sq.ft.!!!
yeah places to ride in Mass are almost gone, the sandpits i USED to ride in have been closed because of some idiots playing with machines and riding their banshees down the freeway with no helmets.

and it the people who go of the trail and destroy the state land that ruin it for everyone else.
It's the same here, if not worse. I live about a mile from national forest property but out of the 640,000 acres north of the Smokey Mountain National Park there is less than 20 miles of legal riding and hundreds of miles of unused hiking trails.