my 89 still runs umm

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im new the this whole forum thing , but iv been in love with blaster forever,my brother had one and i got mine 3 years ago...and all my family runs is yamaha.......i only run klotz super technplate and motul for 2-stroke gear boxes,my 89 has vito's fat bastard full exhuast,i only run
vito's racing clutch kit
K&N airfilter
vito's boost bottle
vito's jet kit
vito's cooling shroads
razr mx tires all around
AC nerf bars

if anyone has anything about blaster ask me or i may need some hlep my self
They add virtually nothing except looks. Although I have seen a dyno sheet for one and it added a whooping 0.25 hp. Nothing you notice, feel or should bother spending money on. I bought vitos boost bottle to before i knew they were pointless and it didn't help at all.
ah..thanks for clarifying...i wasn't gunna buy one anyway i just wondered so i can advise people against it with some knowledge of it..