is my blaster pipe over decibal limit?


Mar 26, 2007
how can i tell or find out if my pipe is over decibal limit? my mods are in my signature the limit is 96.
i just found out that a law was passed in 2003 stating an atv that is over the decibal limit cannot be sold or rented..... so i'm assuming that my blaster meets the limit but it is a little bit louder than before.

how can i find out my muffler decibal?
becuz i'm going up north and i have to have my pipe at 96.
i was assuming that since i bought it from a dealer it passed the limit. its a little bit louder than before though
Yea you might be over the limit, with the LRD and your other mods you have. The only way I know of gettin it tested is being pulled aside from the forest service or better yet to approach them. I stood in line at oregon one year to have mine tested and with the LRD pipe/s as my only mods I just came in under.

To quiet out your blaster (and get a bit more useable power) repack your silencer.

As for testing the DB level, maybe call your local DMV or Highway Patrol.
just go buy a decibal meter from radio shack if its that big of a deal.