hard to start..any ideas???



ok so i got the blaster i have to run. i am running preimum gas (93 octane) mixed 32:1 with lucas 2 stroke oil. i have the oil port blocked off on the carb. i have a uni air filter and currently i have the exhaust pipe but no silencer. my question is the bike is hard to start. by kicking it over it will try to start and backfire but wont fully start. if i pour a lil bit of premix in the air box and lift the back of the bike to get it into the tube good, it will start with a few kicks (5 or 6) it wont idle, i havent adjusted it yet.

any ideas on why it wont start easier?

thanks for the help
one thing i did for the sake of making my quadracer easier to start went like this

after riding, turn the petcock off and let quad idle till it dies (runs outtafuel)

and before you start slow kick it 5 or so times then it should start on the first or second hard kick

Double ditto!!

Is the TORS removed?:-D

Check plug and wire, check compression...

Post up what you got?

a good way to check the tors is to diconnect the plug that comes off the carb cap ,try that and put in a new plug and you should be good to go
no silencer = major damage

low compression makes an engine hard to start, it also throws your mixture off.
i would just throw a top end on it for good measure if you havent in the past 30 hours of riding time.
its only $120 at midwestactioncycle.com and it takes about 3 hours if your slow
well yes, i was hoping he would check the compression first, kinda goes without saying